How to Buy Verge Coin (XVG) in the UK

Are you considering purchasing Verge tokens but not sure how to get started? Then this guide is for you!

Founded in 2014 under the name “DogeDarkCoin”, Verge coin is said to be a fork of the popular meme coin DOGE. It serves as an anonymous alternative to Dogecoin.

A team of developers led by Justin Sunerok created this coin and also rebranded it to Verge in order to save the token’s face from the bad reputation attached to its former name.

Verge is popularly represented by the XVG symbol and gained popularity in 2017 owing to the astonishing surge of more than 800%.

However, due to the function of the coin which is to protect your privacy, hackers have taken advantage of the coin on the dark web majorly in 2018 which discouraged crypto enthusiasts and investors from using the coin for a while.

In 2021, several crypto coins soared, including Verge which encouraged crypto traders to engage with the coin and find ways to add the token to their portfolios.

If you’re keen to do the same, we’ll outline how to buy Verge in the UK below.

Quick Guide: How To Buy Verge Coin in the UK

  • Visit on your browser and sign up to get started.
  • Complete the I.D verification to be able to transact.
  • Tap on the Buy Crypto icon and choose GBP as the preferred currency for the deposit.
  • Select the bank card option.
  • Input the amount of BTC you wish to buy on the next page.
  • After successfully completing the transaction, go to Markets which will display trading options, and choose the Spot Market.
  • Go to the BTC option, search for XVG and select the BTC/XVG trading pair.
  • Proceed by tapping the submit button.
  • Ensure to switch the order type to Market and type in the amount of BTC you want to be exchanged for XVG.
  • Execute the order by tapping on the “buy” button.
  • Your XVG is immediately added to your spot wallet so you can transfer it to an external wallet.

How to Buy Verge Coin In the UK With Fiat Currencies

It’s important to note that many cryptocurrency exchanges or wallets do not support the direct purchase of XVG with fiat currency either via bank cards or transfer platforms.

Bitfinex is an exception to this rule since it only allows you to purchase XVG with USD directly.

Many exchanges couldn’t incorporate XVG direct purchase with fiat currency due to several attacks in the past on the token. It is likely that many of them will adopt this purchase with time as the demand for it increases.


in 2012, Bitfinex started up as a global crypto exchange platform designed specifically for crypto trading.

Bitfinex first started as a P2P margin BTC exchange, but incorporated other cryptocurrencies with time.

The platform is stocked with the necessary trading services to engage in both simple and advanced trading, but most beneficial for professional traders.

Examples of trading options include; Advanced order types, advanced margin trading and funding, a functioning API, improved UI, and a responsive support system.

Despite the platform being built specifically for experienced traders, new users can purchase the Verge token following the steps below.

How to do it?

  • Go to in your browser and sign up to get started.
  • In order to enhance security, they implemented Google’s two-factor authentication (2FA).
  • Next, sign in and tap on the deposit located under the wallet to add funds.
  • Pick USD as the preferred currency and choose your preferred payment method.
  • Type the USD value you wish to purchase and tap on the payment button.
  • Once your account fund is updated with the payment, go to “trading” at the upper part of the menu.
  • Check for XVG in the search box and click on it.
  • Change order type to Market and input the amount of XVG you wish to buy.
  • Click on the “buy” button and confirm the 2FA to ascertain security.
  • Within seconds, your Verge is added to your crypto asset.


This crypto exchange platform is founded in Estonia with the aim of converting fiat currency to crypto tokens through a variety of payment methods.

It supports over 250 cryptocurrencies without the need of signing up for an account to engage in any transaction. Purchase of Verge on this platform is quite easy and stress-free.

  • Visit on your browser to get started.
  • You can choose from EUR, USD and over 50 other currencies to purchase Verge.
  • Choose the XVG coin at the crypto drop-down menu right below the fiat currency payment method.
  • Select the most convenient payment method for your XVG purchase, such as Mastercard, Visa, SEPA, swift, Union pay and B2B exchange.
  • Fill in the address and type of external wallet that you are sending your XVG token to.
  • Then select the” Buy” button on the platform.
  • Within minutes, Verge is automatically deposited in the selected external wallet.

In case you find these steps confusing, you can check their platform for a short and explicit video that explains how to buy verge coins in the UK within a few minutes and with no hassle.

How To Buy Verge Coin In The UK With Crypto-To–Crypto

The above are ways to buy the Verge token with fiat currency, and now we will be showing how to purchase your XVG with other cryptocurrencies.

As a matter of fact, buying Verge tokens with crypto is the most common way of acquiring them. Here’s a list of exchanges that support crypto-to-crypto:


Changelly is quite distinct from other crypto exchanges. In contrast, Changelly makes use of AI or an automatic trading bot that gives you a suitable and affordable rate to buy your Verge and other crypto coins.

However, to be able to perform this action, Changelly requires you to have an external wallet where you can transfer the assets when bought. It has no wallet for XVG and hence a different wallet is required for your coin storage.

Below are guidelines on how to swap your crypto asset like BTC or ETH for XVG using the Changelly exchange platform.

  • Go to and open an account with them. You can do this with your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter or your email.
  • Log in and right under Exchange, choose the preferred crypto token you wish to exchange for Verge. In the first space type XVG as the coin you wish to exchange, and in the second box, type the amount you want to exchange.
  • Tap on “Exchange Now.”
  • You will be prompted for an external wallet on the next page.
  • Certify that you agree with the T&C.
  • Continue with the transaction and confirm that the transaction is in order.
  • A Crypto address will be given to make the payment within the next 36 hours.
  • Once you’ve completed all transactions, the Verge token is added to the submitted external wallet.

Huobi global

This platform was founded in 2013 mainly as a Bitcoin exchange and could only be used in China. Throughout time, Huobi global was repurposed into serving other purposes as well as serving as an international crypto-exchange.

This platform is now well known for digital trading, including assets that are not crypto-based. However, the purchase of certain crypto-like Verge can be done using the first tech crypto like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

How to do it?

  • Go to in your browser and register for an account with them. Make sure to complete the verification process.
  • Go to the balance icon and choose the Exchange Account (Deposit and Withdrawal).
  • Select the deposit icon while you search for the Crypto you want to exchange for XVG  (BTC will be used as an illustration).
  • Choose “Deposit on BTC.”
  • They will email you your BTC address which they will expect you to copy and fund with the expected amount you wish to exchange to Verge.
  • When the transaction is completed, you immediately see your BTC appear in your balance.
  • Then go to the “Homepage” again, tap the “spot trading” and proceed to “Exchange.”
  • A search bar appears in which you choose the BTC/XVG pair.
  • Ensure to change the order type to “Market” and type the amount of BTC you want exchanged to XVG.
  • After you’ve inputted the necessary details, click on Buy XVG and immediately you see your Verge token appear on your spot trading account which can later be transferred to the wallet of your choice.

ChangeHero (Recommended For Debit Card Purchase)

Changehero is a platform that was founded in 2017 by a group of fintech experts. It’s one of the best crypto exchanges that houses over 100 cryptocurrencies and allows for easy, fast and safe transactions.

The stages involved in buying your XVG are almost the same as with Changelly the only difference is that you don’t have to sign up an account with Changehero to engage in any form of transaction.

How to do it?

  • Go to on your browser to get started.
  • On the platform interface, you are required to select your preferred Crypto exchange option with over 30 tokens to choose from.
  • Type the amount of that Crypto you wish to exchange to Verge.
  • On the “You Get” option, you need to choose the XVG as the preferred token you want the former exchanged to.
  • Tap the “Exchange” button below.
  • The next page shows the value of what your former Crypto can be exchanged for in XVG. Also, a major benefit of this platform is the ability to switch between the “best rate” and “fixed-rate” to decide which one of them offers the most XVG tokens.
  • The following task is to input your XVG address and click next.
  • Go through the T&C, agree and confirm the transaction.
  • Once you have chosen your preferred crypto for exchange, you need to transfer it to the platform’s unique wallet.
  • Within 5-30 minutes, Your submitted wallet will be deposited with your XVG token.


This platform boasts of being the most trusted cryptocurrency exchange known for its world-class security. The platform also incorporates speed and firmness to ensure an optimum trading experience.

It’s one of the crypto platforms that support crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto exchange and trading and Verge is among those pairs.

  • Go to on your browser to open an account with them.
  • After signing up, complete verification and check the homepage for instant Buy & Sell on the menu.
  • Choose Verge as the preferred cryptocurrency you want to buy on the “Buy Now” segment.
  • You can choose BTC as an example of your crypto mode of payment.
  • The next box allows you to enter the amount you wish to exchange to XVG.
  • Tap “Next” and confirm the details for the transaction.
  • Continue to make the payment.
  • Almost immediately, your XVG will be displayed on your Bittrex account.
  • Make sure to transfer funds to a personal external wallet for security.

The Best Wallets To Store Verge Coins

The storage for your cryptocurrency is essential as you would be sure of the safety of your fiat currency. Your Crypto asset requires optimum security based on where to store it.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an XVG Wallet

Not all wallets are good for storing your XVG coins, there are certain things to watch out for in a wallet which will be discussed below.

  1. Security: You have to check for safety measures that are put in place by the wallet provider and you need to check how often they update their security server. However, a good wallet offers autonomy for users to choose certain security measures for keeping their coins, including safekeeping your key phrase, use of complex passwords, Google 2FA and others.
  1. Ease of use: The major thing to check for in this category is the UI (User Interface). Any crypto wallet or exchange should offer a user-friendly interface to easily navigate the platform. A wallet should be easy to operate both for new and existing users, so you don’t have to keep referring to YouTube or Google on how to use the platform.
  1. Customer support: The wallet provider must be equipped with a responsive support team. They should offer an array of ways to help when needed such as the use of FAQs, a chat team, a 24/7 responsive phone inquiry team, and many more. The wallet should offer constant and immediate replies to questions raised by users.
  1. Past Users’ Reviews: As a new user, it’s expedient to have an understanding of what reputation a wallet holds. You can easily check what existing users have to say about the wallet. You can get thorough information on Google when you search for reviews about the wallet, however, try to avoid reviews shown by the wallet provider, and opt for the ones that are based on different websites or platforms.

Let’s take a look at the wallets supporting Verge:

Hardware Wallet:

  • Trezor

Desktop Wallet:

  • Electrum
  • QT Verge Wallet


  • Coinomi
  • Tor

Exchange Wallet:

  • Binance
  • Bittrex
  • Huobi Global 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Verge Coin

As a new crypto investor or new user of the Verge coin, there are certain things to check for before purchasing this token.

There are research, studies, what crypto enthusiasts and many more have to say about the coin before investing. It’s very common to fall victim to some low-value or shit coin based on trendy news.

Buy-in and Exit Strategy

If you plan to trade the Verge token, you need some trading lessons and an analysis of whether it’s a long or short-term trade. These analyses will guide you on when to trade and which pattern it will follow, whether it is of an uptrend or downtrend.

Price History and Current Performance

This particular subject should be taken seriously. Cryptocurrency is very unpredictable and should be traded with caution. An investor could have bagged quite a profit and still end up with losses that particular day.

XVG history will allow you to see how it has performed in the past as well as predict its future performance. It helps to have in-depth knowledge about the coin.

However, the present performance of a coin is what truly depicts what is likely to happen next. An example is when you notice a particular token is at the highest value it has ever been, purchasing it at this stage is quite risky.

However, a lower value for the token could offer more yield with time.

Wallet Choice

This has been discussed previously but is very vital for any coin you decide to buy. Ensure to use the best and most suitable wallet or exchange platform for your XVG token.

Privacy and Security Tips

Crypto currency’s biggest problem is security. Millions of dollars are lost yearly to cyber-attacks and the careless attitude exhibited by some crypto investors.

That’s why important information like your private keys, passwords and phishing are basic steps that involve your deliberate actions to avoid or keep safe.

We’ve highlighted some techniques to help you prevent the loss of your XVG.

  • To ensure security, mobile and online wallets should be accessed by the wallet’s company.
  • Try to confirm recipient XVG address details multiple times before performing any transaction.
  • Strengthen security by making use of multi-level factor authentication like Google’s 2FA, use of passphrase or enabled fingerprints to access your wallet.
  • Make sure to update your mobile wallet app with the company’s software only.


The Verge token has a very promising future as it is supported by many crypto enthusiasts and predictors. Having faced major hacks, the coin still gained its stand and has several projects to boost its efficiency.

A major drawback about the coin is that it can’t be purchased with GBP or EUR on all crypto exchange platforms. It can only be purchased with USD on some platforms.

The good news is that it can be exchanged for other crypto assets by which you can use the token.


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