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Hi! I’m Matt, founder of CryptoExchange.org.uk!

After graduating from Edinburgh University in 2006 with a Master’s in Economics and Finance, I quickly got hooked on the exciting world of crypto.

Since moving to London, UK, to work in financial services, I’ve continued to pursue my passion for crypto and self-educate myself.

CryptoExchange.org.uk is my space to share my knowledge with everyone in the UK. As I believe cryptocurrency has the potential to financially empower everyone.

I personally write and publish, along with the help of some friends, beginner guides and product reviews that help newcomers navigate the cryptocurrency market safely and efficiently.

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matt stevens founder of cryptoexchange.org.uk
This is me!

Matt Stevens


Our UK-based team writes articles to help beginners understand the world of cryptocurrency. We are firm believers that Blockchain technology has great application in our future.


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